Gone in a heartbeat

Engaged in writing down movement as much as creating completely perceptive experiences, with each and every project the young Belgian choreographer Louise Vanneste is developing a stage language that brings dance into dialogue with the space, the lighting and the sound. Her latest creation, which is being premiered at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, explores the tension between multiplicity and unity, between writing and instinct.

The choreography is devised as four solos cohabiting in a single space. Inspired by gestures taken from the collective memory of rock concerts and popular dances, the performers unconsciously influence one another through their copresence rather than through an intentional exchange. They combine and recombine themselves into fleeting configurations ranging from a forlorn figure to a pack or to pairs. The lighting, sound and space are also used as autonomous objects that are part of the same strange and yet familiar organism, offered up for the audience’s perception.

A magnetic performance.

Article by Olivier Hespel
Kunstenfestivaldesarts – KVS

“Questioning the group, not in terms of who is in it, but the gap, the distance or more precisely the “resemblance/difference” as Louise Vanneste likes to put it: one of the stances, going somewhat against the flow, she takes in Gone in a Heartbeat.
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Concept and direction Louise Vanneste

Created in collaboration with
 Anja Röttgerkamp, Eléonore Valère-Lachky, Eveline Van Bauwel, Anushka von Oppen
Music Cédric Dambrain
Set Design & Lighting Arnaud Gerniers et Benjamin van Thiel
Costums Filip Eyckmans

22, 23, 24, 25 May 2015
PREMIERE – Kunstenfestivaldesarts, KVS BOX, Brussels

11, 12 September 2015
Festival Torino Danza, Torino

8 October 2015
Biennale of Charleroi Danses, Les Ecuries, Charleroi

22 January 2016
Festival Pharenheit, CCN le Havre – Haute Normandie, France

5 February 2016
Festival Pays de Danse, Liège

March 2016
Jouvance, CCN de Roubaix, France

15 March 2016
CDC Toulouse

1 & 2 February 2017
Brussels Dance – Halles de Schaerbeek

3 & 4 February 2017
Les Ecuries – Charleroi Danses – Charleroi

3 November 2017
RADIKAL, Dance from Brussels, Radialsystem V – Berlin

8 August 2018
Tanzwerkstatt Europa Joint Adventure, Munich (DE)

Documentary on Kunstenfestivaldesarts – ZDF German television
From 14′ to 20′ – Gone in a heartbeat – Louise Vanneste/ Rising Horses – extracts and interview
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A Louise Vanneste / Rising Horses production
line producer: les halles de schaerbeek (www.halles.be)
in co-production with the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Charleroi danses, le Théâtre de Liège, les Halles de Schaerbeek, le Phare – CCN du Havre- Haute Normandie – Le CCN de Roubaix et Torino Danza.
With the support of the Ministère de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la danse and Grand studio.
Louise Vanneste / Rising Horses is in residency in Charleroi-Danses and accompanied by Grand Studio.